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Submitting Claims

Submitting Claims

How Can I Check The Status Of My Claim?

As soon as there’s new information regarding your claim, we will inform you immediately via email. If you haven’t heard from us, it’s because nothing has happened yet. We inform you every time something happens in your claim process. If you still want to make sure where are things at, feel free to contact us by emailing hello@inspecto.com

I Received Only 50% Of My Compensation. Why?

Under European Law EC 261, if a passenger accepts re-routing for a canceled flight, the airline can reduce the compensation paid by half, in case the passenger arrives at his/hers final destination within a certain time frame.

My Flight Got Cancelled And I Received A Refund. Can I Still Claim?

As long as the airline didn’t notify you at least 14 days before and your flight is eligible under EC 261, the answer is yes – passengers can receive both compensation AND a refund. In order to receive the refund though, it is the policy of many airlines to ask you to sign a waiver, with which you give up your rights for further compensation. These documents often times include a forfeiture of compensation clause, which makes it impossible for you to claim compensation. If you wish to claim for your compensation, be sure to read the fine print in any of these documents.

If The Claim Is Rejected, Do The Airlines Give The Reason For Rejection?

Unfortunately not. If the airline fails to provide a reason for the rejection, we treat the claim as if they did not answer at all and hand it over to our team of lawyers for legal assessment. Sometimes the final option is to contact the National Enforcement Body in your specific country and issue a request for review.

The Airline Wrongfully Rejected My Claim For Compensation

If the airline refuses to pay out, we hand the claim over to our team of lawyers for further legal assessment. Unfortunately, we can’t send all claims to the National Enforcement Body or take every claim to court, but we will negotiate with the airlines for your claim at every turn possible. You can hand over the case to us by entering your details here.

A court decision can open up opportunities for compensation for lots of other claims, so just because the airline rejects your claim doesn’t mean it’s the end of the story. We often receive multiple claims from people who were on board of the specific flight and experienced the same flight disruption.


Submitting Claims