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Payout Methods

Payout Methods

Do I Need To Pay Transfer Fees To Get My Compensation?

All of the transfer methods we use at Inspecto are completely free. In some instances, third party entities like PayPal may charge you for withdrawing the money, and banks can charge customers for check processing. But Inspecto charges no fees at all for any form of payment.

What Are IBAN And SWIFT Numbers And Where Can I Find Them?

An IBAN (short for ‘’International Bank Account Number’’) is your unique bank account number and is used for international bank transfers. It consists of the country code, two check digits and your bank account number.

A SWIFT or BIC code is used to identify the financial institution, its geographical location and its particular branch. You can think of it as a global registry for the banks.

You might not have seen these numbers before, but you do have them and both numbers can be found on a bank statement. These numbers are also readily available for you on your personal banking site.

How Much Do I Have To Pay You?

Inspecto is dedicated to helping travelers and passengers in every way we can. If there’s nothing we can do for you, you will not be charged at all. Essentially, the basic cost is 25% of the compensation received for our customers.

If we have to take your case to court, we will charge an extra fee to cover part of the legal costs. The legal action fee with the success fee will amount to 50% of the total value of your compensation (25% + 25%). While taking anybody to court these days is very expensive, our rate is fixed: We will never charge you more than stated here.

How And When Will I Receive My Compensation?

You deserve secure and quick methods when it comes to receiving money that’s rightfully yours.
Once the airline pays out your compensation and we receive it, you will be asked to input your details on our website. This is promptly
followed by the payment to you.

What Are Your Fees?

At Inspecto, we only ever charge a fee if you get your compensation pay out, so there is never a risk for you. Everything else during the claims process is totally free.

When we are successful in winning your claim against the airline, our standard fee is 25%. This will be deducted from the overall compensation amount we forward to your bank account.

If we have to take your case to court, an additional legal fee will be added to help us cover the legal costs involved in your case. The legal action fee will amount to 50% of the total value of your compensation.

Again, we will only deduct this amount if we win your case in court. We won’t charge you anything otherwise. No success, no fee!


Payout Methods