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Documents and Privacy

Documents and Privacy

Which Documents Do I Need To Provide In Order To Claim?

Inspecto will need a signed claim assignment form, a copy of your e-ticket (travel document or boarding pass) and, depending on the airline, sometimes a copy of your ID for final payment initiation.

Is There Any Possibility That Linking My Email Account Could Compromise My Security?

Not at all. The protection of your data is our top priority. Inspecto has established security measures that comply with the latest EU regulations on data privacy.

Why Does Inspecto Need A Letter Of Authorization?

The Letter of Authorization gives Inspecto a lawfully valid base to take care of all the legal stuff on your behalf. Without it, we can’t pursue your claim or send you any compensation.

Why Does Inspecto Need Documents Such As An E-ticket Or ID?

We need the e-ticket to prove your purchase of the flight, while the copy of the picture ID is required by some airlines to verify your signature on the assignment form.

What Happens To My Documents Once You Have Them? Is It Secure?

Your documents will be stored to an encryption-protected server with limited access. While we not only take your data protection very seriously, Inspecto also fully comply with all EU data protection laws, so your data is safe with us.


Documents and Privacy