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Air Passenger Law

Air Passenger Law

Can I Claim Compensation From A Flight That Was Paid By My Employer?

The compensation follows the passenger – not who paid for the ticket. The compensation always belongs to the one who suffered due to a flight disruption.

How Far Back Can I Get Compensation?

If you have been on a delayed, canceled or overbooked flight within the last three years you are entitled to compensation and can send your flight ticket information to Inspecto. We can take care of the rest.

My Airline Refused To Compensate Me After My Disrupted Flight – What Can I Do?

If you think you’re entitled to compensation for your flight problem and the airline won’t do anything about it, don’t worry! We might still be able to help you. File a claim for your flight to see if we can get that compensation for you. We’ll even take the airline to court if they don’t meet their legal obligation to you.

Which Countries And Airlines Are Subject To EU Passenger Rights?

The flight passenger rights stated in the EU regulation EC 261/2004 apply if you are leaving the EU with any airline, or arriving in the EU with an airline registered in the EU – or Iceland, Norway or Switzerland. Inspecto helps all air passengers from all countries who have experienced delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights that are subject to this EU regulation.

Do I Have To Be A European Citizen?

No. You can claim compensation even if you’re not a European citizen. Your citizenship does not impact your rights under EC 261/2004. The law prohibits discrimination based on nationality.


Air Passenger Law