Inspecto Price list


1. Definitions

Inspecto price list should be read as a complementing document of our Terms & Conditions. TC will cover all the defined terms used in our price list document.


2. Free services

Inspecto will not charge anything for its verification of claim eligibility, unsuccessful claiming service or unsuccessful legal enforcement service.


3. Service Fee

If Inspecto is successful in providing customer with claiming service, Inspecto is entitled to its basic service fee, which will be deducted from the flight compensation amount.
For all successful claims, the basic service fee is fixed 25% of the amount claimed, excluding applicable VAT.


4. Legal Enforcement Fee

The legal enforcement fee is only charged, if legal enforcement was necessary to provide the customer with the flight compensation.

If Inspecto is successful in providing customer with legal enforcement, Inspecto is entitled to its basic service fee and it’s legal enforcement fee, 50% of the compensation amount in total, including VAT.


5. Customers from Travel Aggregators, Travel Agencies, Insurance Companies or any other Corporate Agreements

If you have entered into an agreement with Inspecto through a customer agreement with a particular travel agency, aggregator or company, the dominating contract will the specific contract signed as the customer of that particular corporate entity.


6. Claim Compensation Amount Guarantee

Inspecto guarantees that the client will always receive the correct amount, determined by the specific circumstances of the events and their implications as specified in the EC261 compensation and their subsequent rulings by the European Supreme Court.


7. Free International Bank Transfer

Inspecto will not charge any additional fees from the customer for transferring the money to the account as specified by the customer.

Inspecto will not cover additional fees charged by the customer’s bank or financial institution for receiving the compensation.






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