Inspecto tutustu meihin

Inspecto (Air Claims International Ltd)


Inspecto is a legal technology company specializing in helping travelers worldwide with their aviation-related compensation.


We help air passengers around the world secure compensation for cancelled, delayed, or overbooked flights.

European Company

We have helped millions of passengers around the world to secure compensation for their delayed, canceled, or overbooked flights.

Risk-free Service

Our service is 100% risk-free. If we don’t get you the compensation, our service is completely free of charge. No win – no commission.

Up to 600 € compensation

You can get up 600 € compensation per passenger. The final amount of compensation depends on the total amount of delay and the total distance of the trip.


We know every step of the process, and if necessary, we sue airline to the court. We have won over 98% of the cases


Mikko Malhonen

Mikko Malhonen

CEO, Founder

Educated by the Helsinki University School of Law, Mikko is a product and technology oriented strategist with 10 years of experience.

Mikael Jerkku

Mikael Jerkku

Director, Customer Experience

Mikael is an experienced Creative Director with a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design, marketing and advertising industry.

Tero Tammisto

Tero Tammisto

Director, Legal Affairs

With background in engineering and law, Tero has always been a rigorous problem solver. Tero approaches legal issues with diligence and discipline.

Kevin Feng

Kevin Feng

Director, Sales

With an extensive consulting background, Kevin has worked with start-ups, large corporations, NGOs and governments on an international scale.

Lauri Tuomaala

Lauri Tuomaala

COO, Co-Founder

Educated by the Aalto University School of Economics, Lauri is a finance and economics oriented researcher with 5 years of experience.


Anton Odabasi

Manager, Customer Communications

With a professional sports background accompanied with studies in law, Anton brings his rigorous work ethic and focus in helping our customers.

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