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Tähän tiivistelmä siitä, että mitä on air passenger rights ja vähä scta buttonii. Want us to help you get it. Pekoni kinkku ananas ei kuulu pizzaan, kinkkua ja pepperonia ja aurajuustoa ja sipulia ja mustekalaa.


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Inspecto’s Role in Passenger Rights

Going through legal documents, regulations, treaties or even bureaucratic corporation processes can be extremely stressful, tiring, frustrating and time-consuming. Often the documents and processes are made with the precise intent of making them unreadable or unpleasant. This is done by the corporations and other large entities to mitigate the possibility of consumers holding them accountable.

In the world today, there are literally billions left on the table each year by people who are unaware of their rights. These people are taken advantage of by large corporations with an abundance of legal and financial resources. By streamlining the legal framework and its applications, this unfortunate asymmetry of power can be changed.

Thus, the company Inspecto was created with the goal of making those unpleasant processes more reliable. more transpar-ent. less time-consuming and less frustrating. It is our mission to do the legal work for you and get the money from the cor-poration’s pocket into your pocket. Often in the past, law has been used as a weapon only by those with the money and the expertise to implement it. With our no-success-no-fee automatized model, we want to make law serve you as well.


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anton odabasi

Anton Odabasi

Manager, Customer Communications

With a professional sports background accompanied with studies in law, Anton brings his rigorous work ethic and focus in helping our customers.

Mikael Jerkku

Director, Customer Experience

Mikael is an experienced Creative Director with a demonstrated history of working in the graphic design, marketing and advertising industry.

Kevin Feng

Director, Sales

With an extensive consulting background, Kevin has worked with start-ups, large corporations, NGOs and governments on an international scale.

Tero Tammisto

Director, Legal Affairs

With background in engineering and law, Tero has always been a rigorous problem solver. Tero approaches legal issues with diligence and discipline.

Lauri Tuomaala

COO, Co-Founder

Educated by the Aalto University School of Economics, Lauri is a finance and economics oriented researcher with 5 years of experience.

Mikko Malhonen

CEO, Founder

Educated by the Helsinki University School of Law, Mikko is a product and technology oriented strategist with 10 years of experience.

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